About me

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Dustin (Ephraim) Weeks, M. Ed., LPC

Psychotherapist (Child specialist)


Life Coach – weight, tobacco and stress

Want healing from trauma?  Tired of depression, fighting, anxiety and pain? Ready to learn research-based ways to achieve happiness? I am passionate about  working with adults, couples and families who are sick of mediocre, and want to add new skills to live holistically healthy lives. If you want better relationships, to help children overcome painful experiences, to live mindfully or do some deep self exploration so you can know yourself and be known – call for a free 20-minute consultation to determine if I can help you accomplish what’s important to you.

Neurologically, trauma can result in brain changes and may be the genesis of depression, anxiety, pain, sleep and other conditions.  The research seems to indicates that specific interventions – especially trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) – is particularly effective with healing from painful childhood experiences, accidents, abuse and other traumas.

Since 1996, I have helped about 500 people improve their lives.  I use my experience as a Jew, veteran, and survivor of abuse to help individuals, couples and families via play therapy, sand tray, TF-CBT and other techniques to accomplish the intentional living goals important to them.