Top 10 Reasons to Work With a Counselor:

  1. To help your child/teen regain control of emotions and behavior
  2. To reduce conflict and arguments with spouse or significant other
  3. To feel happy, energized and motivated
  4. If you want to reduce stress and excessive worry
  5. To ease the pain of loss of a family member, spouse or friend
  6. To help your child have a better experience in school
  7. To promote healing from various forms of trauma (e.g. physical/sexual abuse or injury, veterans issues)
  8. For help with problems at work
  9. To learn how to find friends and improve your social life
  10. To learn more about yourself

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I’ve never seen a counselor or therapist before. What should I expect?
The first session or two are a process of getting to know each other and together identifying areas to sort out and work on for your benefit. You are always in control of what you want to work on and how deep you want to go. You can terminate services at any point along the way with no pressure or financial obligation beyond services already received.

How can I be sure that my personal information is confidential?
I adhere to statutory ethical codes including HIPPA policies so you can be confident that your personal information and anything you share will be secured in a secure, safe and confidential manner. Any personal information retained on paper is stored in locked file cabinets within offices that are locked at the end of each working day.

Where do you offer counseling services?
I offer therapy services in a wide variety of settings tailored to your needs so. The office setting is most traditional and commonly used for people struggling with problems of everyday living. In-home counseling services may e right for YOU and are provided for people struggling with more complex problems who may be involved in social services or community corrections. School services are available on site including staff consultation, meting attendance and a wide variety of trainings and workshops related to the school environment. Learn more about the wide variety of counseling services we offer on the services page.

What if I’m not sure whether you can help me with my issue?
Rapport is essential to the success of therapy. I encourage you to call for a free, 20-minute phone consultation. This allows you to ask any questions you might have about therapy and we can discuss which treatment options are right for you or your loved ones.