What to expect

What happens in a psychotherapy session?

Psychotherapy can offer some important things that other resources can’t. Therapy is a time to focus on what you genuinely need apart from the usual distractions.

The initial session is extended (75 minutes) so I can more about you and what you want out of therapy. Regular sessions are 50 minutes long. In the first session, you’ll be asked for background information about what brings you to psychotherapy. There will also be some paperwork to do. Later sessions we will focus on supporting the changes you want to make.

At first the problems you’re faced with will get a lot of attention. But we’ll also pay attention to the things that are going right for you. This will help us identify strengths and resources you already have, which will help us promote the changes you want to make.

How many sessions will we have?

That depends on your particular needs and expectations. Some clients may be satisfied with a smaller number of sessions, but some challenges take more time to work through. You are always the boss and can discontinue at any time. Therapy is not a one-size-fits all situation, but when you feel your goals have been met therapy can be done.

What can therapy offer that other resources can’t?

Sometimes talking to friends and family or using self-help materials are the only support one needs. However, psychotherapy can offer at least three important benefits that other resources can’t:

  1. an understanding, face-to-face relationship;
  2. objective feedback;
  3. focused attention on your specific needs; and
  4. assistance processing experiences and/or building new adaptive skills.

A therapist can offer you impartial, constructive feedback and unconditional positive support. A therapy session is your time to focus on what you genuinely need apart from the usual distractions of day to day life.